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Identify Problem


Identify Problem close

  • Patient consults GP and Specialist at Home for diagnosis
  • Patient can request consultation in Australia arranged by SHS
  • Patient can request Full Body Health Check
  • All Medical reports are securely transferred


Australian Specialist Review


Australian Specialist Review close

  • Assessment of the report (does the specialist think the patient needs surgery);
  • Assessment of fitness to travel;
  • Assessment of minimum hospital stay


Detailed Quote


Detailed Quote close

  • Fixed all-inclusive cost of procedure including hospital stay;
  • Tiered quote for flights and accommodation;
  • Travel insurance;
  • Visas;
  • Interpreting and translation (where required); and
  • "Options" ie post surgery tours, etc


Engage SHS


Engage SHS close

  • Signing a contract
  • Paying 10% non-refundable deposit to secure surgeon and hospital bed


Travel Planner


Travel Planner close

  • We will arrange your flights
  • We will arrange your accommodation
  • We will confirm your hospital stay
  • We will apply for your VISA
  • We will arrange your Travel Insurance
  • If selected, confirmation of Tourism Options


Arrival in Australia


Arrival in Australia close

  • Limousince transport to hotel, to and from medical consultations, hospital and return to airport
  • Multilingual concierge meet-and-greet at airport
  • International Care Coordinators, who support and accompany patient for key events during stay


World Class Treatment


World Class Treatment close

  • Face to face pre-surgery consultation with surgeon;
  • Nurse "on call" leading up to surgery, and through post-surgery recovery in Australia
  • Surgery and hospital stay
  • Optional post-surgery rehabilitation treatment


Exceptional Postsurgical Care


Exceptional Postsurgical Care close

  • Ideal environment for healing
  • Certified Nurse Practitioners
  • Services Providers, Physiotherapist, Pharmacist
  • Certified Nurse-midwives, who specialize in women health for all ages
  • Travel experts that will assist with Tourism plans


Bon Voyage


Bon Voyage close

  • Final Sign Off by SHS
  • SHS Transportation to the Airport
  • Comfortable return Home
  • SHS follow up on Patient progress

Mission Statement

The Mission of Specialized Healthcare Solutions is to improve the health of the world by opening doors and creating pathways that allows access to the best medical care and treatment available.

Our Values:


Compassion – Providing comfort and care
Integrity – Doing the right thing for the right reason
Teamwork – Working together toward shared goals
Excellence – Aspiring to be the best
Service – Serving others and our community
Trust – Delivering on promises

International Patients


Are you a patient traveling from outside your home country to visit Australia?

Our in-country representatives and Global Patient Services Department helps international patients and their families throughout the world.


Global Patient Services


Located within our Sydney City Office, our Global Patient Services coordinators, Visa Experts interpreters and financial counsellors are available to help:


Make hotel or lodging arrangements in Australia
Arrange ground transportation to and from the airport and hospital
Provide an interpreter
Offer financial counseling


To learn more or make an appointment, contact our Global Patient Services.

Australian Self-Funded Patients


An increasing number of people are choosing to "Self-Insure" or pay for their own surgery, so they don't have to wait for surgery.


Operation done straight away or when it suites has huge benefits. Quicker recovery allowing you to get back to your family and life.


As a self-funded private patient, you are responsible for paying for your Accommodation, Medical, Prostheses, Diagnostic and Pathology fees. Some of these services may be bulk billed to Medicare.


At SHS we make all these arrangements on your behalf as part of our concierge service.


We also include your transportation from home to the hospital and back.


A service that gives you peace of mind.


We work hard to get you in front of the best Doctors and Surgeons for your diagnosis and treatment.

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